3 Reasons Wake Escape Rooms Are Excellent Activities for Parties

Are you having trouble coming up with activities for an upcoming birthday party or perhaps looking for an excellent team-building exercise for your corporate party? If so, it’s time to put your mind at ease. Look no further, Wake Escape is here to give you the best activity for both options: our escape rooms.

If you aren’t familiar with an escape room, let us explain: you’re teamed up in groups, locked away in a room, and given a time limit to figure out and solve all the clues and puzzles to escape. Although it may sound simple, it is a lot harder than you think. It takes the help of everyone and plenty of creative thinking to work together to reach the final goal, which is to escape the room. The best part about all of this is that everyone is going to have fun!

Need more of a reason than just fun to convince you to add our escape rooms to your list of activities? If so, here are three additional reasons you should!

Builds Teamwork

If you’re looking for an engaging activity to build teamwork, escape rooms do just that. At Wake Escape, everyone is required to work together, meaning no one has time to slack off. In return, each member is going to have plenty of fun playing their role on the team. 

When the team has finally unlocked the door and escaped the room, everyone is going to celebrate with a sigh of relief. With that celebration comes a sense of pride knowing that you all achieved a common goal as a team and that goal was delivered through a collective effort. In other words, escape rooms build teamwork and relationships, while making that process of learning everyone’s strengths and weaknesses much more fun!


Every special event, whether personal or corporate, has a budget set for activities. With that said, you might be asking the following questions: How many activities do I need to actually plan? Do I need to purchase supplies for everyone? Will the final cost for the activity stay within budget? 

In some cases, you can end up being so stressed out about trying to plan the right activities that you get lost in the process. Or, events that start out cheap could end up taking quite a bit more money than originally thought. Using someone’s birthday as an example, you purchase a birthday cake, sure, but then you add decorations and gifts and before you know it, you’ve passed the initial budget that was originally set. 

With that said, escape rooms are an excellent option if you’re trying to stay within budget. All you have to pay for is the admission price, and that’s it! Plus, the tickets themselves are very affordable. Thanks to the cost-effective nature of escape rooms, not only will everyone be able to participate in the game, but there’s money left to spend on other things, such as team dinner at your favorite restaurant.

Welcomes Everyone to Play

What’s worse than walking up to a ride in a theme park, only to find out you don’t pass the minimum height requirement? Or wanting to take the boys or girls out to your favorite bar, when you realize that one of them is under-aged? Whatever the case may be, there are no such limitations at Wake Escape or in our escape rooms! All you need to do is participate in and have fun while using your creative mind and adventurous soul. Have both? Then, this should go without saying but you’re good to go!

Wake Escape’s escape rooms are great for a number of special occasions and parties. Not only are they entertaining, but they promote teamwork, build relationships, and is a cost-effective game for everyone to enjoy. Not to mention, we take a complimentary group photo at the end that we are happy to email to the group. Therefore, you can’t go wrong scheduling an escape room activity for your next party. Have fun on your escape room adventure!

If you are looking or interested in having a birthday party or corporate party at an escape room, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

Thomas McPherson

Thomas McPherson

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Our rooms have team focused challenges, solved by using your wits to unlock the mystery room. We are preparing for themed rooms, where teams of 8-10 individuals work together to find and interpret clues that will lead to your escape. We currently have three adventures with another adventure on the horizon.

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