3 Fun Facts About Escape Room Games

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Real-life escape rooms have grown in popularity so much that you can now find them virtually
everywhere. With a wide range of approaches and different plots, the possibilities are endless
for customizing an escape room. You can play as a spy and discover secret documents you
might have to destroy, uncover a secret entrance in the mystery of the Pharaoh, or take part in a
weather-themed tornado ridden adventure where you find yourself trapped. If you are a fan of
real-life escape rooms, you may wonder how all of this started. With that said, here are three fun
facts about the origin story of escape games:

Fun Fact #1: Video games inspired escape games.

The inspiration for an escape game comes from the concept of video games. As early as the
1970s, video games were created by letting players use text-based commands to control
gameplay. When game producers discovered how to manipulate visual cues, it changed the
game industry by introducing point-and-click adventure games.

With that, came several types of point-and-click games produced in the early parts of gaming
history. The earliest video game that adopted this concept goes back to 1988 with a game
called Behind Closed Doors, which was created by John Wilson. The game quickly became a
hit and, soon, other game producers came up with more “escape the room” video games in a
similar point-and-click style.

Fun Fact #2: “Escape the room” games initially focused on one perspective only.

Unlike real-life escape rooms that can be played in groups, an “escape the room” concept
started with only one-perspective. With the initial inspiration coming directly from video games,
these escape games usually centered around a sense of isolation in the game’s atmosphere.
Therefore, escape games are mostly inspired by games that focus on a player that is trapped in
a specific area or space. With the use of ambient music and a minimalistic interface, the player
would have to search the room by clicking objects to find an escape through a secret entrance
or door. With the rising popularity of these video games, it eventually became the inspiration for
real-life escape room adventures.

Fun Fact #3: The first real-life escape game happened in Japan.

The “escape the room” games became extremely popular in Japan by the early 2000s. One of
the most popular “escape the room” games dropped in 2004, which was called the Crimson
Room by Toshimitsu Takagi. This game inspired Takao Kato of Kyoto to materialize the first
real-life escape game. In 2007, he started the real-life escape game through an event.

When this event became a hit, the games were played at bars and clubs all over Japan. Before
they knew it, the real-life escape games were placed in permanent locations all throughout Asia
and Europe. By the end of 2014, it reached other parts of the world, including Australia,
Budapest, and the United States.

Fun Fact Conclusion

A real-life escape room is an excellent source of entertainment that’s meant not only for one
person but for a group of people who seek adventure. Apart from that, escape rooms are meant
for strategic and critical thinking. After all, it is inspired by old point-and-click “escape the room”
games with the concept of being trapped in a room and needing to escape.

Today, it has an added element of requiring players to use physical clues in the room to
complete their mission. It now belongs to the genre of “experiential entertainment” wherein the
players have an immersive experience in a physical environment.

Our Wake Forest Escape Room experiences are something you don’t want to miss. If you’re
looking to experience an escape room in the vicinity of Raleigh, NC with your friends and family,
get in touch with Wake Escape today and see how we can help.

Thomas McPherson

Thomas McPherson

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