3 Excellent Reasons Escape Rooms Are Great Team Builders

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If there is one thing an escape room game is excellent at, it is building teams. After all, no one
will be able to solve the puzzles within an escape room without the help of others. With that
said, if you work with a team and want to get everyone together outside of the office for a fun
team building activity, consider an escape room at Wake Escape!

Here are three excellent reasons escape rooms are a great team-building activity.

1. They Encourage Players to Communicate

Communication is key! Without it, no one’s getting anywhere. In a business setting, proper communication is what keeps the workflow smooth and everyone satisfied. Any misunderstanding or lack of communication can disrupt the flow of work, cause delays and leave projects due to pass their deadlines.

With that said, communication is also vital to the success of your team in an escape room. The
more you communicate, the faster you’ll escape. Thanks to the pressure of limited time, this kind of game puts your team in a situation where you’re forced to learn how to speak quickly and clearly to save time. Of course, this is also an excellent chance for you to figure out whether your team knows how to communicate correctly or not. In addition to that, team members who don’t usually talk will be forced to, which means that they’ll have a chance to improve their communication skills.

2. They Highlight Weak and Strong Traits

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, and nothing is better at revealing these traits than a game that puts you under pressure. Rather than finding out how strong or weak your team is at trying to complete projects, put them through an escape room. By doing this, individuals of the team will quickly figure out what they can and cannot do, and in a short period of time, you’ll learn what the entire team is capable of. More often than not, at least one member of the team will shine and reveal natural leadership characteristics.

In other words, an escape room is going to allow each person on the team to realize what they’re capable of. As well as, how to come together as a team and work towards the goal of actually escaping. They’ll also find out that it is these very differences in their individual skill sets (despite their strengths and weaknesses) that allows them to build a strong team that can tackle any problem they are presented with.

3. They Unify the Individuals

Whatever the outcome of a project, campaign, or business venture is, the team members will always share in the results. Whether they get their proposal denied or manage to score a considerable sale, everyone’s in it together. Because of this, every member of the team must know and feel that they’re part of something bigger than themselves, that it is the collective effort that helps them reach specific goals.

In an escape room, these “individuals” are reminded that they’re all working together towards a set goal. As a result, everyone involved feels like they’ve done their best to contribute to a higher level of success. They win and lose together, and no one gets left behind.


As you can tell from the three reasons above, escape rooms are an excellent way of creating strong teams in your organization. It will help them learn how to communicate effectively, figure out their strengths and weaknesses, and remind them that they’re one body, working together towards a common goal. All of these traits can easily translate into the workplace, and the better these traits are, the better your team will perform.

If you’re looking for great team building activities at an escape room in Wake Forest, NC, get in touch with our team at Wake Escape to see how we can help!

Thomas McPherson

Thomas McPherson

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