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You and your friends are enjoying a quiet evening when suddenly, the skies grow dark and thunder begins to rumble. The weather broadcast predicts a tornado is heading for your area. Heading down to the basement you find yourselves trapped! Luckily for you, the basement is rumored to house a hidden speakeasy with a secret exit built in by the owner, Sonny Schnapps. Is it all just a rumor or is there really a second exit?


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Wake Escape provides a challenging and fun team building experience. If you are looking for an activity in the Triangle area, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary or Wake Forest give us a call.

(919) 324-3550

Here’s why. You are literally “all in it together”, starting out in a single escape room in Raleigh, looking for passageways that will lead you to freedom. These “passages” require logic, wisdom, enthusiasm, cunning, observation, searches, creativity, and ultimately they require teamwork. Little victories along the way create an atmosphere of excitement as everyone works through the yet-to-be discovered challenges. There is no single path to success because the ultimate solution comes from parallel activity streams. As participants share and organize what they have discovered and solved, it becomes clear that success depends on each other to communicate and use their collective insights and knowledge. This is a perfect activity for team building. Our rooms are wheelchair accessible and offer a new style of adventure that you might say is “captivating”.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

My husband and I, with two of our friends, completed our first escape room last night at Wake Escape for part of my birthday celebration. For those that are on the fence, my husband felt the same way but had an absolute blast! The puzzles were challenging and we were each able to contribute to our successful escape. The staff was excellent and the whole experience has us all chomping at the bit to go back! I highly recommend Wake Escape for a date night or family outing!

Erin Brown Watson - Wake Forest, NC

We just left from the Pharaoh Escape Room and it was fantastic! There were 7 of us and they had enough puzzles and locks for all of us to feel that we contributed to the escape. The rooms were very integrated and we felt thoroughly involved with the experience! Definitely worth the money and time spent and I would love to go back again during Halloween!

Teagen Casey - Smithfield, NC
This was my second escape room, my husband’s first. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. There were a perfect amount of puzzles, riddles and questions to solve–something for everybody. Lots of cool surprises and decor. The staff did a fantastic job explaining how an escape room works and everyone was so friendly. I want to go again!
Cathy Harms - Raleigh, NC
We had a team of 8, and it was the most fun we’ve had on our girl’s night. There are so many different puzzles to solve, and we each brought different expertise to the table. The staff was great and I would certainly recommend this for anyone looking for a group outing! You will be talking about it for days. I will definitely be going again when there are more rooms.
Kyla Moehring - Raleigh, NC